Why choose Prime?  

We know that recruitment cost is often a significant part of any market research project.  What is even more significant, is the wasted time and effort if chosen participants are not what you are wanting.  The fact that we can constantly deliver quality participants, is not a coincidence.

Quality Respondents

We boast New Zealand's largest, most diverse, independent qualitative /sensory panel, which is driven by custom-designed software.  This ensures that the information and insights you require, come from people in the best position to provide it.  Our panel is continuously growing, ensuring fresh perspectives and regular additions, to expand our range of industry types and specialist participants.

Our panel is managed in accordance with guidelines established by ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research), with our database management software being ISO certified (ISO20252 – Market, Opinion, and Social Research).

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and expertise, and are a trusted member of the Research Association of New Zealand.


Recruitment typically begins, with us sending out relatively short quantitative surveys, to invited pre-screened participants from our database. 

ALL potential, qualified participants who have completed the screener survey, are then individually contacted by phone by one of our in-house Recruiters.  They are put through further screening, to ensure recruitment specifications are covered.  

If they are confirmed by our Recruiters as being a suitable fit for the research project, they are booked in and confirmed to attend a session.  Our in-house Account Manager will liaise with their Client on the status of the process as it progresses.

Once the sessions are full, our Account Manager will then update our Client with the completed session sheet details.   

As a final check, prior to each research session, all participants are sent a re-confirmation email and/or text, to remind them of their upcoming research commitment.

From time to time we may have to source participants with particularly difficult specs attached to them.  We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to source the people our clients need.  To do this, we utilise social media marketing campaigns to further our reach.  We also undertake friend refer friend campaigns both via panel and via our social media networks.

Superior Service

As part of our recruitment service we:

– Develop or assist with a screening questionnaire before formal recruitment commences
– Provide a 1 person contact (with at least one backup) for consistent management
– Provide continual recruitment updates as and when required
– Homework/pre-task follow up – if required
– Commit to doing our level best to ensure participant attendance including re-confirmation phone call the day prior and reminder text on the day – where possible.
– Liaise with your chosen venue (if not at Prime).
– Absolutely anything else we (you) can think of that would help make your project a success.

Additional Services

Other services that we offer as part of our day to day operations:
Client database management
On-going panel management